Mary made sure that all of my family‚Äôs needs were accommodated. My wife and sons have food allergies and my youngest has medication that needs refrigeration and she made sure that all of our needs were met. When we showed up for our dinner reservations all of the chefs came to our tables and asked about the food allergies, it was awesome. We also were traveling with another family and she made sure that our reservations were linked so that our rooms were in close proximity and that our extra family room was adjoining. 

When our packet of information arrived I was surprised to see lanyard pins that my youngest son absolutely loves and put them on his lanyard as quickly as he could, plus she provided information about other trips that we are interested in taking in the future. 

Most of all she totally understood my Disney-geekyness and provided insights and suggestions based on what I wanted to achieve with my family and friends. We had a great trip and a lifetime of happy memories.

John H.